Office Info

What makes Dr. Westermeyer’s office truly unique compared to other podiatric physicians and surgeons offices is that his office has a self contained fully equipped operating room.

Most podiatrists do surgery but they don’t have their own surgical suite. When Dr. Westermeyer designed and built his office 20 years ago he foresaw the medical insurance dilemmas that we are experiencing these days and that patients would need to save thousands by avoiding costly surgery center and hospital costs. Of course Dr. Westermeyer routinely performs surgery at Palomar Medical Center, Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas, Escondido Surgery Center and Center for Surgery of Encinitas, he also performs surgeries such as bunionectomies, hammertoe correction, excision of Morton’s neuroma, heel spur removal, plantar fasciitis procedure, permenent correction of ingrown nail and bone spur removal entirely painless in his offices’ dedicated procedure room. This makes foot surgery affordable even if you don’t have insurance.

Many of these procedures are about the same or a little more then a few monthly medical insurance payments. So it’s affordable to even the uninsured or those with a high deductable.

Recovery from most of these in office foot surgeries can be surprisingly painless. Even though you will be provided with the appropriate pain medications, most patients need very little pain medication or take none at all after their procedure. If you have a procedure in the office, you will be provided with a special walking shoe, a special foot cover so you can take showers and written post operative instructions.

When you’re looking for a foot doctor or an orthopedic specialist whether it is for your ankle or your foot, you need to feel comfortable with them and the office. Dr. Westermeyer’s office is very warm and comfortable. The reception and front desk is open and spacious. The exam rooms are private but bright and airy. There is a dedicated X-Ray room so there is no need to go to another place for an X-Ray.

Irma and Tisha are the receptionists that you will talk to when you call for an appointment. Irma has been managing the office for over 6 years. Before that she worked for a primary care and OB doctor for 20 years, so she is very knowledgeble in medical matters. She is also very caring and an empathetic. Tisha is also a sweetheart, very caring, efficient and a really good listener. She has been working for Dr Westermeyer for over 4 years. Both of them know just about every aspect of podiatry and insurance questions.
Sherry has worked off and on for Dr Westermeyer for over 12 years between her new babies and now is part time. Linda is our bookeeper and bill payer.