Even though golfing is very time consuming, Dr. Westermeryer still finds time to golf usually on Friday afternoon if he doesn’t have a late surgery. He likes to walk the course for exercise to feel and visualize the next shot better. And of course to do this, one must have feet that work well. Most of us that golf are passionate about the game. And to give it your best, you need to have good feet that don’t occupy your swing thought with pain.

Finding the right golf shoe is especially important if you walk the course. Shoes that flex at the big toe joint make it easier on your foot to walk those 5 miles but have a tendency to not have the same amount of contact with the ground thru out the swing. When you are buying new golf shoes you need to wear them in the store and walk aroung in them for at least 5-10 minutes before you purchase them. This is so with choosing any shoes because it takes a while for your foot to feel the hard or non conforming spots and the arch of the shoe. Most importantly, take the insole of the shoe out and stand on it. Your foot should match the outling of the insole as much as possible with about 1/4″–3/8″ extra insole past the toes. Make sure there are no design or reinforcement seams of the shoe, especially in the toe box area, that course over your toes or big and little toe joints.

Dr. Westermeyer is so passionate about golf he and his wife have invested in their friends golf course, Bandon Crossings ( located on the southern Oregon coast in Bandon.