Motorcycle Racing


Here is Dr. Westermeyer #94 in turn 4 at Willow Springs International Raceway leading the pack and winning the race on his GSX-R 1000. Good feet are very important in motorcycle racing and is actually a significant part of controlling the race bike. Dr. Westermeyer is a very passionate person and believes in not wasting life but to live it to its fullest. Motorcycles and racing are one of his other passions when he isn’t fixing feet.

He races there every third Sunday of the month. He’d love it if you’d like to come watch and support the racing effort at the track. He races in the open classes and the 750cc classes. You never know who may show up on a race weekend. We usually get some nationally famous professionally ranked riders there. This makes it very exciting to watch.

Dr. Westermeyer’s sponsors are: Spidi leathers, Sidi boots, Shoie helmets, Dunlop tires, VP racing fuels, EBC brakes, Red Line oil, Renthal, Dainese gloves and body protection, Hot Bodies body work, Apine Stars, Driven Sprokets, DiD chains, STM slipper clutches, Pitt Bull stands, Chicken Hawk tire warmers, Honda generator, Power Stand, Track Riders Track Service, Maxima racing lubricants and Lee’s Cycle Racing.

He recommends Sidi boots for riders with a wider calf. It has a firm forefoot sole that helps prevent the peg from pushing on the ball of the foot and making it go numb. The Sidi also gives probably the best lateral ankle stablization preventing ankle injury from a nasty high side. The Alpine Star has a much better adjustable range for varrying ankle and calf diameter and the inner liner has more cushion and more comfort but may not have as good as lateral ankle stability as the Sidi.

The “Racing Foot and Ankle Doctor”, Dr Westermeyer that is, also has a beautiful wife, Debbie Westermeyer R.N. #876 the “Racing Mermaid”, who also races with him. She is a surgical nurse and races with the guys!