Skiing / Snowboarding

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Dr. Westermeyer loves to powder ski to put it simply. Pictured above he is ready to make first tracks down a secret stash somewhere in Idaho. He understands other peoples passion about skiing. He believes the ski boot is the most important component for skiing bar none. If the boot doesn’t fit right and snug, or if you have pain from your boot or your foot, you are not going to have a good day skiing. Everybodies foot is very different so don’t expect to find a boot off of the shelf that fits your foot, ankle and calf perfectly.

Dr. Westermeyer believes the Ski Orthotic he can custom make for your boot will not only be superior what you can get at any shop or store, but it will be interchangable to your other athletic and or walking shoes. A true custom fit orthosis needs to be designed and made by a podiatrist that understands the medical and biomechanics of your foot.

Dr. Westermeyer recommends that you make the biggest allowance in your ski budget to be for your boots and orthotics. You should buy or at least get fitted for boots at a high end shop where they see alot of feet every day. This is because the boot fitters know what foot types will be the most compatible or happy in a specific brand. A specific boot company will purposely make their boots to fit only a wider thicker foot (Nordica) while another brand will fit a more narrow foot (Rossignol). Higher end busy boot shops know this. In San Diego area, Dr. Westermeyer recommends Ranch Craft off of I-8 and Hansen’s in Encinitas. In Mammoth he recommends either Footloose or Kittridge.