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Dr. Westermeyer Surfing

Dr. Westermeyer is an avid surfer who takes sojourns to Mexico, Hawaii and other locations to enjoy time with friends and catch waves for fun and exercise. And guess what. Feet are very important to surf. You have to have healthy feet to control the surfboard. He has been surfing since he was 5 years old and is still as passionate about surfing as he was at 5.

Here he is pictured at North Shore Hawaii, Rocky Point. AKA Rocky Rights. Crystal clear water and beautiful coral bottom. Luckily not too crowded in the early morning. The ocean water in Hawaii just smells better. Maybe someone puts sweet tropical fruit in it.

Recently, he just got a new Rich Pavel fish surfboard from a joint effort from family and friends. His son-in-law, Nick Cocores, owns Thalia Surf Shop ( located in Laguna. This helps when it comes to getting a good deal on surf equipment.