A callus is a tough thick area of skin on the foot that is caused by repeated rubbing and pressure, such as from a shoe or sock.  The irritated skin produces a layer of protective skin, called a callus, in response to the repeated rubbing.  Some calluses on the body are useful and even intentional, for example, stringed instrument players purposefully develop calluses on their fingertips to toughen them up and make pushing on the strings of their instrument less painful.  Calluses on the feet, however, are generally unintended and not definitely not desired.  Depending on the size of the callus, it can also be very painful.

Signs and Symptoms:

The symptoms of a foot callus  include  toughness of the skin and sometimes pain or soreness.   This pain is especially felt with pressure from wearing a shoe.  Women often develop this condition more than men, since many women’s shoes are tight fitting and have narrow or restricted toe boxes.  Repeated rubbing against the skin of the foot irritates the skin which produces a layer of protective skin in resonse.


A callus  is easily diagnosed by a foot and ankle doctor.  See Dr. Wetermeyer to find out about the many treatment options available.  Do not attempt to remove a  foot callus yourself, as this could cause additional problems, such as unintended cuts and cracks in the callus that could lead to infection.  Callus removal should be done by a foot and ankle specialist.  If the underlying cause of the callus is not treated or removed, the callus may return.


Podiatrist north county Dr. Westermeyer has many treatment options available for painful calluses and will choose the method that is best suited to the condition and the patient’s lifestyle.  If you experience any of the symptoms above, please come in and visit Dr. Westermeyer to determine the severity of the condition and to learn about the treatment options available to you.